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Forgotten Dream - Nando's YONGL Solo Exhibition Work

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In a vast empty space of shallow tranquil water, you stood there in astray, lost and confused, only then to be staggered by an exotic presence, an unstoppable force that wants to remind you of what you’ve forgotten as an adult, a dream you’d had as a kid that is now screaming for help, for attention to be recalled. It reconnects you with the spirit of your younger self, like an expressive imaginative little girl who thirsts to re-animate her passion in front of an audience. Dream on!

Type: Limited edition framed print/canvas (5 units) 

Medium: Photography, Digital manipulation & Printing

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Year: 2017

• All limited edition orders will be labeled and hand signed by YONGL.

• A Certificate of Authenticity with artwork's label number will be given as well.

• Questions? Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, thank you!



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